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Founded in 2009 by Dale & Arasida Kinyon, United Filipino Assistant Association is striving to improve the impoverished lives of children and families living in the developing country of The Philippines.  While this may seem a daunting task, by concentrating resources on the building of a solid infrastructure such as safe water supplies, upgrading educational resources, and addressing the medical needs of eliminating Malaria and Dengue fever, UFAA will positively affect the lives of hundreds of people in the local communities they serve. 

UFAA prides itself as a streamlined, efficient US 501(c)(3) Non-Profit charity organization, which provides over 96% of all donations to directly benefit those in need.  Through a dedicated network of 100% volunteers, we minimize our administrative costs to just the bare necessities needed to provide these much needed services to the under-privileged children of the Philippines.  This fiscal frugality allows UFAA to stretch the generous dollars provided by grants and personal contributions and to use those funds where they are needed most…the poor and disadvantaged living in some of Philippines most underdeveloped Provinces.  Right now your generous donations will benefit those communities in the Philippines. 


We would like to thank the following
people for donating.

The Lockergnome Community

Brown Portrait

Nena's Hair Salon

Mr. David, and Mrs. Rowena Brown

Jack and Lou Fenney

Vivian And Clifford Baskin

George and Cirila Baker

Lucky Dragon Restaurant

Julianne Blais

Dorthy Buford

Arasida Kinyon